Our company was founded to simplify both the teaching and learning methods of every client regardless of ability and current golf knowledge. We have collectively over 40 years of experience at all facets of the golf game, from PGA competition, playing, caddying on all three tours, and years of club construction and repair. We provide a total package and the background to help you improve your game!

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When I first met James “Nick” Nichols in the spring of 2004 my handicap was in the low 20’s.  I took a golf seminar, hosted by Nick, primarily to get a reasonable priced, custom fitted driver, but more importantly, learn how to hit a driver as opposed to always pulling out my 3 iron on the tees.  The driver came with the cost of the 6 hour seminar.  Nick made a few simple suggestions, not demands, regarding my golf swing.  He literally tailored the changes to fit my “natural” swing.  He DID NOT change my swing! Nick realized that I needed firmer shafts on my clubs and that they needed to be lengthened to accomodate my size.  That was done during the summer of 2004.  My goal last summer (2004) was to consistenly shoot scores between 90-95 and occassionally break 90 before heading north to visit our children over the winter months.  When I left, to go north my handicap was around 15, exceeding my personal goal of shooting 90-95.  This summer my goal was to be able to shoot 85-90 consistently.  Well, currenly my handicap is 11.3 and I think, going down.  I’ve been golfing for a little over 2 years and during the past year Nick has taken over 12 strokes off my handicap.  Three years ago I didn’t have a hadnicap much less a “Golf Game”!  I have and will continue to recommend Nick to anyone who is seriously interested in improving their scores and overall golf game.  James “Nick” Nichols is the consummate teaching professional!

Jack B., Scottsdale, AZ

Nick does a great job of assessing and communicating your strengths and weaknesses. Saw immediate results from just addressing grip, posture and balance. I continue to work with Nick today.

Larry Johnson, Arizona

A year ago, I started receiving golf lessons from Jim N.  I was a firearms trainer for 20 yrs.  The first thing I noticed was that Jim tested me for adult learning skills to determine the best way to teach me golf.  These were the same techniques I used to teach firearms. Jim and I made an agreement that he would improve my game by 10 strokes.  It took several months for me to accept the information and practice the techniques he was teaching me.  The first thing he did was refitting my equipment for me.  All my clubs were too short for me to use consistently.  then we worked on balance and power.  Jim got me to believe in my own ability.  He also taught me to manage the course properly.  I’m still learning the game, but my scores have improved greatly.  I have dropped the 10 strokes in my handicap.  At the present time I’m playing better that my handicap and it continues to drop.

Jerry A., Surprise, AZ

I have been golfing for only a couple years and honestly I was in desperate need of a professional teacher to help me understand what I was doing wrong from my swing to my putting.  I was so impressed with Nick and his teaching ability and knowledge of the game.  I have improved all aspects of my golf game after a short couple of months of practice and his lessons.  I could not be more happy with my results.  This was the best investment I have made in a long time for my self.  Thank you Nick for everything! 

Laura H., Arizona

I’ve been working with Nick for about 3 years now and to say it simply- if you listen, put the time in and treat it like a journey and commit, you will learn how to play golf. Not just hit the ball, but play the game of golf to your potential. Once you forget about the score and focus on your intentions, the results will follow.

Michael C. Jasonos, Arizona

Nick has helped me improve my grip and swing, looking forward to the next set of lessons. Nick breaks down concepts that are easy to understand in your golf game. Expert club fitter as well.

Richard Mellen, Arizona

Since I started my golf lessons with Nick, my golf game has improved dramatically. I am actually looking forward in playing now, as before I had no golf game. Thank you Nick! I highly recommend his lessons for any golfer!

Sean T., California


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